Vinyl Floor Tiles

The company was incorporated in 1992 with its core activities been the manufacturing of Vinyl Floor Tiles. The company is the sole manufacturer of vinyl floor tiles in Botswana with an installed capacity of one million square metres per annum. The company manufactures to SABS Standards and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Product Range

1. Manufacture of Vinyl Floor Tiles – Semi Flexible and Fully Flexible
(Kalahari Quartz)

Sizes: - 300mm x 300mm in 23 standard colours.
Thickness: 1.60mm | 2.00mm | 2.50mm | 3.20mm.

The company also manufactures 660mm wide vinyl sheeting. Applicable for:
• Hospitals and clinics
• Office and residential houses.

2. Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Sheeting

These are the latest tiles in the Kalahari Floor Tiles range of vinyl products. Applicable for:
• Residential & Commercial

3. Kalahari Vinyl Sheeting – 2 metre wide sheeting. Aplicable for:

• Hospitals & Clinics
• Shopping Malls
• Sports Flooring

4. Supply of Interlocking Tiles – Applicable for:

• Garages/Workshops/Airports/Lifts.
• Showrooms and high technical areas.
• High Traffic areas/Non Slip Floor Applications.
• Also available in 1.50 metre wide sheeting.