About Us

We Boast In great quality and service delivery

The company was incorporated in 1988 with its core activities being the manufacturing of Vinyl Floor Tiles.The company is the sole manufacturer of vinyl floor tiles in Botswana with an installed capacity of one million square metres per annum.

Our product is for contractors and home owners in Southern Africa who need high quality Vinyl Floor Tiles. Kalahari Floor Tiles solves your flooring puzzles with our durable, flexible and homogeneous quartz floor tiles. Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers Kalahari Floor Tiles has a good and trusted reputation with over 30 years of manufacturing experience.

The Company has 3 other divisions

  • Kalahari Chemicals Division-Botfic
  • Kalahari Aluminium
  • Kalahari Yokota - for fabulous Windows

The company manufactures in accordance to SABS Standards and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our Focus

We believe in delivering a globally competitive product


Leading the manufacturing industry by example


To manufacture or provide high quality, innovative, value for money products and services that exceed customer expectations.


Improve and innovate continuously
Always work effectively and efficiently

Our Journey

We have had an incredible 32 Years as a registered company, supplying industrial and home setups with beautiful floor tiles

Kalahari Quartz

Pick from our wide range of colorful floor tiles


Below are some frequently asked questions.

  • What are Kalahari Quartz?

    These are homogeneously manufactured vinyl floor tiles, they are;
    • Very durable
    • Affordable and easy to install
    • 70% of the tile is the hard wearing quartz particles

  • Vinyl tiles are best laid on a subfloor which is;
    • Dry
    • Clean and Dust Free
    • Smooth and Level

    When installing vinyl tiles it is recommended that they are installed at room temperature. Using a trowel apply adhesive on the prepared floor. The adhesive when ready for installation should not feel sticky to touch. Start tiling following box sequences once the adhesive has “flushed off”.

  • It is always wise to use the right adhesive for your vinyl floor tiles to make them last longer
    • Use fast drying adhesive
    • Non staining

    Examples of adhesives we recommend are;
    • Kalahari Adhesive
    • Qualichem 298A
    • Qualichem 190A

  • The suggested adhesive coverage is 4-5m2 per litre.

  • Vinyl tiles can be installed anywhere in your home and commercial areas however we do not recommend laying of tiles on outdoor surfaces which are exposed to direct sunlight.